For the best results slow cooking is essential. The marinade is used in the second part of the process, but first get the meat tender and ready for the sauce! 

What you will need:

  • 1.5 kg of meaty spare ribs or belly pork
  • 1 1⁄2 tsp salt and pepper to taste used as a dry rub
  • 3 tsp Cumin seeds roughly ground (texture of coarse coffee grind)
  • 1 Non perforated Roasting bag, or baking foil
  • 1 tbsp of cooking oil
  • 1 Bottle of ollo foods ‘BBQ Glaze'

Preparation & Cooking:

  • Pat the ribs dry with kitchen towel (paper) to remove any surface moisture from the meat.
  • Mix the salt and pepper to form a dry rub and sprinkle over the ribs.
  • Rub in the seasoning thoroughly and then coat with a little oil. 
  • Put the ribs into the roasting bag and tie off securely to prevent escape of moisture. Kitchen foil can be used as a substitute.
  • Set the oven to 120C (Gas Mark 1) and cook the ribs for 3 1/2 to 4 hrs. Long and slow till they are tender.
  • After cooking remove the ribs and drain off any cooking juices.
  • Raise the oven temperature to 200C (Gas Mark 6)
  • Brush the ribs with the ‘BBQ Glaze’ and lay out on a foil-covered shallow tray and cook for a further 25-30 mins turning as required to get an even colour. Baste with more sauce to create an even coating.
  • Alternatively the ribs can be coated in the marinade and cooked with indirect heat on the BBQ to give that authentic grilled look. Baste as you cook to avoid burning the sauce.


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