Goan Curry Sauce 300g

Curry cook in sauce - medium heat which is a fusion of coconut, tomato, onion and cashew nuts. Lot’s of flavour which complements both white meat and fish. It can also be used for vegetarian dishes with chick peas, vegetables and paneer cheese. More ….. >>

Mild Curry Sauce 300g

Curry cook in sauce - mild heat but nice and spicy. You can always add chilli for extra heat. Ideal for cooking with lamb, chicken, boiled eggs or vegetables, especially chick peas.

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Carrot & Tamarind pickle 300g

This pickle is a marriage of sweet carrots and tangy tamarind. A fusion of 8 spices to bring you a mouth watering experience. The firm texture of the carrots and a sweet and tangy tamarind flavour will have you coming back for more. Serve on it's own as a condiment, or with cheese it's delicious. Wonderful in a toasted cheese sandwich. More ….. >>

Mixed Vegetable Pickle (ACHAR) 300g

Sweet, sour and hot pickle preserved in oil and spiced vinegar. One portion is never enough of this seriously addictive pickle. This pickle can be described as the grand daddy of ‘Piccalilli’ without the sour taste.   More ….. >>

BBQ Glaze 280 ml Bottle

Sweet spiced, smokey, rich, thick and silky sauce for lifting any grilled food particularly beef, pork, duck and chicken. Infused with cinnamon, corriander, star anise and held together in a base of apple and tomato. It can be used as a finishing touch on your roast, fried or grilled meats and goes equally well with beef burgers and sausages, or just a dip for your chips!.  More ….. >>

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